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Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Affordable Prices.

Quality Products.

What We Sell

If you buy it at a supermarket, you can get it here. While we can’t promise that you can buy everything on your grocery list in one visit, we can promise you that what you do find here will be a better value than at a big-box grocery store. Town Talk receives new product daily. The varieties and quantities we receive are random. Because of this randomness, Town Talk’s availability of goods changes daily. Many of our customers follow a simple rule when shopping at Town Talk: If you find it here today, you better buy all that you can tolerate, because by tomorrow, everyone else will have found it and bought the rest.

The following list of categories is a representation of the variety of products that we carry. We are not limited to these categories, and there is not enough room on this page to list them all.

Dry Goods

Coffee and tea
Baking goods
Flour and sugar
Hot and cold cereal
Granola and grains
Ethnic foods
Hispanic foods

Canned meat/fish
Rice and beans
Spices and seasonings
Bread Crumbs and breading
Canned fruits and vegetables
Pasta and sauces
Oil and vinegar
Honey and nut butters
Jams, jellies and syrups
Bags and wraps
Paper plates
Paper towels and bath tissue

Commercial cleaners
Mops and brooms
Cleaning supplies
Restaurant supplies
Food service supplies
Pet food and treats
Feminine hygiene
Air fresheners
Laundry detergent and aids
Household cleaners
Dish soap and detergents

Refrigerated and Frozen Goods

Gourmet cheeses

Cultured dairy
Meat deli items
Bagged salads
Frozen meats/fish
Frozen sausage
Frozen fruit

Frozen vegetables
Frozen dinners
Frozen desserts
Frozen pastries
Frozen soups
Ice cream

We partner with several gourmet food vendors and often carry many gluten free, organic, and all natural products from many of the categories above.