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Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Town Talk has been known as a “Bent Can Grocery Store” and a “Salvage/Surplus Grocery Store”, but today it is more than that. Town Talk Foods is primarily a retailer of grocery, HBA, household products and food service items including consumable supplies and equipment. Town Talk is fully licensed as a Fort Worth Retail Store and as a Texas Salvage Establishment. Some of Town Talk’s services include:

Repackaging and Relabeling

Town Talk’s licenses allow it to repackage and re-label products according to Government Regulations. This can occur when a product is purchased by Town Talk in bulk and then is repackaged into smaller retail packages. Another example would be when a manufacturer wants to sell some of its excess inventory and because it could have been made for a particular customer (and labeled as such). The manufacturer may not want it in the stream of commerce in the customer’s packaging and therefore requires Town Talk to repackage it under its own generic label and package.

Insurance Claims

Town Talk sometimes purchases both small and large insurance claims such as when a store has a loss due to a natural disaster or an accident occurs in a warehouse. These have been handled through various channels including insurance adjustors. This service also is extended to freight lines such as when a load was in an accident or when product was delivered to a warehouse and was turned down because it was not within the particular Distribution Center’s receiving standards. For example the product may have been too cold or even arrived a day later than the product was supposed to be delivered. Town Talk has strict standards and does not purchase claims where the product may have been temperature abused. Purchasing Insurance Claims in Texas requires a current State Salvage License of which Town Talk has.



Town Talk has either purchased outright or assisted in the following large inventory liquidations

  • 1987, when Safeway closed down their North Texas operations, Town Talk purchased the contents of over 30 of their retail stores that did not sell to other major chains
  • 1989- Associated Grocers Distribution Center in Abilene Texas;
  • 1991- Allvoyles Grocery Distribution Center, Alexandria Louisiana
  • 2003- Fleming Foods Distribution Centers in Oklahoma City, Garland, Texas, and Tulsa Oklahoma
  • 2010- Affiliated Foods Distribution Center in Little Rock Arkansas
  • 2011- Mountain City Meats in Denver, Colorado and in Nashville Tennessee
  • 1987 to the present date- Several ‘closed’ or bankrupt independent grocery stores from various banks or lien holder

Freight Claims

Town Talk assists both dry and refrigerated common carriers in their cost recovery involving freight damages, mis-shipments (wrong product delivered), overages, and when there are warehouse receiving issues such as some of the product cases are damaged or the product could be at a temperature +/- 2 degrees outside of the warehouses receiving standards.

Close Outs or Discontinued Product Lines

Retail Stores are always changing brands, packaging, and designs. Town Talk purchases these from manufacturers directly, from the Distribution Warehouse, or even at Product Reclamation or Return Centers.


There are none of us who can predict the future and sometimes companies over order items. Later they need to sell off some of this excess inventory for a variety of reasons such as needing additional warehouse space in their distribution center for new products being stocked. Town Talk can aid in the purchases of those items.

Close Dates/Out of Date Product

Because of our licensing, Town Talk frequently purchases items that are close to going “out of date” and then sells those items past their Best By dates. One such example is in the case of meats and lunch meats; Town Talk will purchase the product before it goes out of date, freeze it and then sell it at their retail location. Town Talk does not erase or alter the date; it sells the product as is. We feel that because the best by date may be past, it mainly affects the quality or taste of the product. We suggest you go to our food dating page and look at the FDA Rules and Regulations involving the dating of foods and drugs. To our knowledge the only instances that the FDA specifically addresses the selling of out of date food is when a product makes a particular claim such as in Baby Formula and in some baby foods. Town Talk does not purchase or sell either baby food or baby formula that is expired or out of date.

Warehouseman Liens

Town Talk has assisted Property owners and Bonded Warehouses in recovering costs associated with non payment for logistical services. One such instance was involving 80,000 bottles of an exclusive shampoo inventory worth in excess of over 1 million dollars. Town Talk purchased the inventory, paid the past due storage costs, moved the inventory to one of its offsite warehouses and finally sold the product through its retail store.

Seasonal Closeouts


Some of Town Talk’s customers often say, “Town Talk has turkeys after Thanksgiving, and hams after Easter.” Town Talk purchases both food and non-food inventories following seasonal promotions such as Easter, July 4th, Cinco de Mayo, summer, Thanksgiving or after special events such as NCAA, NFL, MLB, or NBA playoff games.

Warehouse Damages

Town Talk helps numerous distribution centers in recovering costs associated with the mishandling of grocery items such as in the situation when a case of canned corn is dropped in handling and 2-6 cans may be damaged but the remaining product can be ok. This activity called sorting or reconditioning requires a current Texas Salvage License of which Town Talk has.