Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Affordable Prices.

Quality Products.

  • 121 N. Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76111
  • (817)831-6136

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Affordable Prices.

Quality Products.


The Basics

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our Fort Worth location is located on North Beach Street just north of I-30 and south of SH-121 in Fort Worth, just minutes from downtown. Our Weatherford location is located at 106 College Park Dr between Big Lots and Orscheln. Our Arlington location is located at 2320 S Collins St.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM; Closed Sundays and major holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: Cash, Credit/Debit (AMEX, Visa, MC, Discover), EBT/SNAP

Q: How do we contact you?

A: To reach our Fort Worth location: 817-831-6136 ( To reach our Weatherford location: 817-438-8099 ( To reach our Arlington location: 817-435-2300 ( Additionally, you may e-mail us at

Saturday Market

Q: What is the Saturday Market?

A: Every Saturday, we open up our warehouse and line up our work areas with pallets and baskets of fresh produce and other great finds. We will go out and buy whatever we can get our hands on, as long as it’s fresh, and sell it for amazing prices.

Q: Is Saturday the only day you have produce?

A: No, but it is the only day we specifically buy produce. Some of our suppliers may ship us produce during the week, and we will always sell it when we get it, but there is no guarantee that we will have it during the week. Our purchasing team actually goes out on Friday to find and buy produce from local suppliers and ensure we have the best selection possible on Saturday. Typically if we don’t have an item on Saturday, it’s because it wasn’t fresh or we couldn’t give you a deal you would expect from us.

Q: How do I know what you will have?

A: Every Friday by 5:00 we try to have “The List” posted on each store’s Facebook page. This list, while not necessarily EVERYTHING we have (sometimes we can only get 1 or 2 cases of something and will sell out quickly), shows what we bought along with its price as a single (or per pound), its price in multiples (2 for $1.50, etc) and a case price, if applicable.

Q: Why are people cutting in line?

A: We form a line leading into the warehouse area that is specifically for shopping carts. We only have so much room, and we ask that all who use shopping carts line up and keep to the right of the area to keep a path open. For those with hand baskets or otherwise without a cart, it is not necessary to wait in line.

Pricing/Product Quality/Availability

Q: How are your prices this low?

A: We are a salvage grocer, which means we buy stuff that, for various reasons, someone else doesn’t want or can’t use, and we get great deals on these items. Because of that, we are able to sell them for fractions of retail prices.

Q: I see a lot of items that are 2 for $1.50 or other multiple. What qualifies for this?

A: When you see items at certain prices, they will qualify for a “multiple item discount.” While we will mix and match some items in the same category (2 different teas, salad dressings, etc) this doesn’t apply to ANY item with the same price. These prices and their corresponding discount are:

$0.10 = 12/$1.00

$0.20 = 6/$1.00

$0.29 = 4/$1.00

$0.39 = 3/$1.00

$0.59 = 2/$1.00

$0.79 = 2/$1.50

$1.29 = 5/$5.00

$1.59 = 2/$3.00

$2.59 = 2/$5.00

$3.59 = 2/$7.00

Q: Your price on ________ is different than it was last week. Can I get the old price?

A: Our pricing is determined on quality and quality, and we also have to factor in what we paid. Sometimes items are easy to come by one week, and difficult (or more expensive) to find the next. We do try to keep our prices consistent, but there may be occasions where prices will fluctuate both up and down and our current price is set for a reason.

Q: Do you do discounts on cases of product?

A: We do occasionally have discounts on top of those listed above, but not always. We already give such great deals on our product that it is not always possible to further discount a case. When we do, we typically already have the case price listed on the item.

Q: I am interested in buying large quantities of a product on a continual basis for my restaurant, farm, office, etc. Do you do wholesales?

A: Yes! If this applies to you, please ask for our perishables manager or warehouse manager. We will need to gather your information and have you fill out some paperwork but are happy to help.

Q: Is something wrong with the product you sell? I heard you sell expired food?

A: When we receive product from our vendors, there could be a number of reasons why they wanted to get rid of it. Sometimes an item is past its sell-by date and traditional grocers will not sell it, despite there being no real harm in doing so. See this post for more on that, but this is only one reason we are offered items. Sometimes there are damaged cases where 2 out of 8 boxes are damaged, but we can sell the rest. Occasionally a distribution center may have inventory that they don’t have time to distribute to stores to sell before the item will go bad, but we can pick it up and sell it quickly. Other times they may just be way overstocked. There are several more possibilities but these are the most common.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you are dissatisfied with any item, no problem! We ask that you bring it back within 7 days with your receipt and we will issue a refund to your original pay type or store credit if you prefer.

Q: Do you guys carry ______? When will you get in more _______?

A: We are a salvage grocer, which means we buy stuff that, for various reasons, someone else doesn’t want or can’t use. We have several suppliers who consistently sell us a particular type of good, but there is no way to know exactly what will be offered to us at what time. We aren’t trying to be evasive when we say that we really don’t carry much on a consistent basis, and we really don’t know if and when we are going to have anything in stock.

Q: When do you get your shipments?

A: We receive various shipments from different distributors and vendors daily; however, in most cases we don’t necessarily know what exactly is on the shipment until we unload it.